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Sugar Hybrid Wheels

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Sure-Grip introduced the very first hybrid wheel for Derby in 2008. There have been plenty of imposters since, yet when you need grip, the Sugar formula still out performs them all. Now Sure-Grip offers that same great feel in two new sizes to fit every skating style. Sugar is the original and still the best, do not settle for toxic knock-offs.  The wheels that started a hybrid revolution, designed by Sin City Skates, we aren't scared to start trends.

Sweet on Any Surface (we know you have heard that slogan before, but this is where it came from)!  Often imitated, never duplicated.  
Other wheels may get better marketing support from the manufacturers, but Sugars are the first and best of the hybrids no matter how much money gets spent to convince you otherwise! 

Classic indoor size and shape but with super soft, high-rebound outdoor urethane. 
(PS- and you can thank Sugars for keeping the rest cheap, too).

Available in 3 sizes:
Sugar: Clear 62mm X 42mm
Equalizer: Blue 62mm X 38mm
Sweet N Low: Pink 58mm X 38mm

Sold in 4 Packs.  (Purchase 2 for a full set of 8 wheels)

Manufacturer: Sure Grip International
Manufacturer Part No: Sugar

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The wheels that inspired a raft of copycats!
Ivanna S. Pankin (San Diego, CA) 5/31/2012 5:16 PM
Sugars were the very first hybrid wheels and still my favorite. In my opinion, they're the grippiest wheels you can get that still work great for derby.

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