Glaswegans love Sin City Skates

Sin City Skates is proud to sponsor a lot of derby leagues - and now, a few of our favorite skaters, too!
We offer discounts, sponsored-league only deals, and CASH REBATES!  We don't ask for contracts or demand much of anything in return, really. Want to know more?  Get in touch!  Drop us a line with your league name and location and a link to your website (or facebook page or whatever) and we'll send you our sponsorship proposal.  We love our sponsored leagues and are super stoked to support them.  We'd love to have you join our family!

Sponsored skater: ASSAULTIN' PEPA
Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, Team Awesome, Chupacabras Peligrosas
Assaultin' Pepa us an amazing pivot - brainy and able to herd some of derby's most famous individuals.  She's a consistently under-rated player, in spite of - or maybe proven by the fact that she won DNN's 2010 "Most Underrated Player" award and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 2010 "Unsung Hero" award. But ultimately, we chose her because she is a great player AND a good person. The flashy players of the world get enough notoriety. We love her for her low-drama, get-shit-done attitude on and off the track, and her hard work behind the scenes. We are super proud to have her on our team. Check out Pepa's also cool dayjob: fiveonfive magazine on facebook.

Sponsored skater: DEMANDA RIOT
Bay Area Derby Girls, Team Vagine, Chupacabras Peligrosas
Perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable skaters playing today, Demanda Riot is proud to be scary on and off the track. A frighteningly talented blocker (though we all love to see Jamanda, as well), Demanda can single handedly stop the best jammers with her shark-like blocking style. We have been good friends since our rookie days, so she was a natural pick for us to sponsor, as well. Kick ass portrait by her sister. Join Demanda's fan club on facebook, and if you want to see Demanda's wicked-complex teamwork in action, you should be watching more roller derby footage.

Mercy Sponsored skater: MERCY
Rose City Rollers, Team Vagine (Captain, US), Chupacabras Peligrosas, Team Awesome, etc etc etc...
Mercy was a natural choice for Sin City Skates. We first noticed her skating for Dallas Derby Devils right around 2006 or so. Then we skated with her at SK808 and when our team played hers in Hawaii; we got to know her even better as one of the absolutely critical volunteers for RollerCon, and then watched as this amazing player got better and better with her current league, the Rose City Rollers. Mercy is a hard worker, a great derby player, a terrific coach, great team player, and a sharp cookie. She's unmissable on and off the track, and we're super proud that she has joined the Sin City Skates team! Check out Mercy's Coaching company on facebook at Left Turn Coaching.
Sponsored skater: SCALD EAGLE
Rose City Rollers, Team Vagine, Chupacabras Peligrosas, Team USA, etc etc etc...
Why wouldn't we want to sponsor Eags? She's amazing on and off the track. A true force blocking and unstoppable jamming, she still manages to be one of the most down to earth and modest skaters we know. She's skated with us on lots of scrimmage teams and we feel lucky to have her skate for Sin City Skates, as well. Also, Scald has been singlehandedly building up reasons that you should watch more roller derby footage. Otherwise, you will never see the hit'n'hop, the slow-mo juke, or reasons number one and two why backwards hits don't always turn out the way you want them to. 
Photo by Mercy, because she's talented off the track, too!

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