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Manufacturer: Rookie Package
SCS Derby Starter Kit is a rookie package that includes all the gear you need to get started, bundled and discounted!
This rookie package includes:
- Colorful ROCK FLAME skates
- Your choice of pads.  Please choose a set of either derby knee pads or recreational knee pads from the 2 dropdowns below. 
- CPSC helmet
- A skate tool & bearing oil
- Boil-n-bite mouthguard
- Protective toeguards for your skates
- The option of adding an Outdoor wheel deal with Sugar, Zen or Aerobic outdoor wheels and Sure Grip ABEC 1 bearings
We also throw in stickers and goodies!

Rock Flame Skate color / size availability:
Available in sizes 1 - 10:
  • Black with Blue Flames
  • Black with Pink Flames
  • Pink with Black Flames
  • White with Blue Flames
  • White with Pink Flames

Available in sizes 1 - 12

  • Black with Red Flames


Available in sizes 1-13:
  • Black with Green Flames
  • Black with Gray Flames (Ghost)
  • Red with Black Flames
  • Black Tri-Color
  • Yellow with Black Flames


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Rock Flame Skates*
Knee Pads for Roller Derby*
Knee Pads for Recreational Skating
Elbow Pads*
Wrist Guards*
Toe Protection*
Bearing lubricant*
Skate Tool*
Outdoor Wheel Deal (optional)

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