PowerDyne Revenge Plates

Price: $199.00

Manufacturer: PowerDyne (Riedell)
PowerDyne Revenge plates are - bar none - the favorite derby plates of Sin City Skates employees. The Reactor meets the Triton to create the Revenge plate. Based on the wide foot plate design of the Triton that offers enhanced stability, the Revenge is constructed of the same extruded aluminum as the Reactor for weight reduction and increased durability. High-quality urethane cushions (bushings) come standard on the Revenge, offering unmatched rebound and life among stock plate cushions. Top cushions on the Revenge are a unique conical shape that provide more action and a greater range of motion for you when you need it most. Revenge plates accept toe plugs or adjustable toe stops and come in a right/left plate design with off-set toe stops and polished trucks. Sizes 4-13; choose a shorter plate for more agility (advanced skaters).

Size chart and specifications.

Revenge plates are high-end performance plates, so they must be maintained properly. For best results, owners should periodically check the bushings for wear & tear, and check your adjustments.  Check kingpins periodically to make sure they're not unscrewing from the plates, as well.

The Revenge plates are being discontinued and PowerDyne is not making any more, , so if you're looking for a Revenge in a size we don't have on the site, we probably can't get it from the manufacturer any more.
Only sizes: 4, 5, 6, 11, and 13 are available to purchase.  Get them now if you love them, because once the Revenge plates are gone, they're gone forever!

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Killer plates!
Phil 'Hassle-Vlad' Upton (Derby, Derbyshire) 11/15/2011 1:21 PM
PowerDyne Revenge plates!! What can I say that has not already been said by the wonderful people of Sin City Skates? OK this is a rookie POV on & off for too many years I’d had a go at a number of rinks using ‘loaners’ not good! I start out with some stock R3’s 6 months ago but quickly learn that at 250lbs (Think 6’2” Defence!) the nylon plates just ain’t solid Instead of a predictable truck response I’m getting squidgy vagueness! So I contact these wonderful people who ship out to me way over the other side of the Atlantic, I fit them (no big deal if you read the advice on here!) WOW! Solid predictable ride, serious meaningful adjustment. MAJOR improvement in my skatin! These plates are serious kit at a price that is a bargain! Be warned though I am waiting on my latest shipment from Sin City? New boots! These plates will make you realise that quality gear IS worth the money!
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