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Product Options

Special Instructions
FIRST, add the skate or unmounted skate boots you wish to customize to your shopping cart, then customize them here!
  • One fit or features customization (like those listed in the drop down menu) is a SINGLE and costs $60. You can order those in Fit Customizations.
  • Adding a fit or feature customization to a ColorLab creation has changed. Now you can add as many fit and feature customizations to most models for $10 each!
  • ColorLab creations (any number of colors including Kanga Tan) is PREMIUM and costs $90. ColorLab creations can be ordered here. Its a lot easier to order combinations of fit & feature Premiums at Fit Customization
This is good for any color combination you can dream up with as many colors as you want.  If you have any trouble at all with this page, please get in touch.  Or just email us your Riedell ColorLab creation and we'll go from there!

Please describe your perfect skates IN DETAIL. Things we need to know might include:
  • What colors do you want on each boot panel?  Riedell ColorLab software can be very helpful in figuring out what colors you want where. Most boots have:
    • uppers
    • backstays
    • tongues
  • Some boots have:
    • speed straps
    • stripes
    • lace covers (some with overlay and center panels)
    • separate toe panels or toe caps
  • For two-tone: do you want the colored panels touching OR all one color on one side, alternated?
  • Do you want black or white velcro and stitching?
  • Do you want the logos painted in black or white?
If you have seen a photo (above or here; or anywhere) of exactly the way you want it, please email that to let us know.

These boots and skate packages can be customized.  If you don't see your skate model on this list, ask us!
  • 122 (Cobalt, Spark) - ColorLab, length & width only. No boot modifications allowed.
  • 125 (Hammer) - ColorLab, length & width only. No boot modifications allowed.
  • 126 (She-Devil)
  • 265 (Vandal, Wicked)
  • 495 (Torch)
  • 595 (DPA, Monster)
  • 695 (DPA, Black Widow)
  • 811 (Storm)
  • 911 (Jammer)
  • 951 (Phaze) - All 951 boots are ColorLab at no charge. Only linings, width and length may be customized (no feature changes)
  • 965 (Minx, etc)
  • 1065 (Siren)
  • Blue Streak - Changes for size & width only. No ColorLab, no feature modifications allowed.
Custom skates are not returnable & usually take about 4-6 weeks to make.
If you live outside the US, your skates will have to be shipped to our shop before heading your way, which adds about a week and usually another $15 USD to the shipping. If you're in a hurry, please call for an estimate.
Manufacturer: Riedell Skates, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: 10381
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