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Helmet fit is absolutely CRITICAL.
The helmets we carry are safe for derby if they fit you properly and are in good repair. Your helmet should not move when you shake your head, even when the strap is not attached. It should fit low on your forehead, at the eyebrows for most people, to guard your face in a fall. If the pads start to compress from use, or start to feel loose or come out - even if you haven't had any impacts to it (liar) - its time to replace it. Your brains are worth an extra $40 periodically.

Sure Grip and Triple 8 helmets tend to fit ROUND heads.
S-One helmets tend to fit OVAL heads best.
TSG Kraken helmets are segmented to fit all heads snug (and actually seem to).

Only CPSC-rated helmets are available for purchase in & to ship to California residents.

Triple 8 Pads & Helmets

S1 Helmets

CPSC T8 helmet
CPSC Certified Helmets
Helmet replacement liners
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T8 CPSC Dual-Certified Brainsaver Helmet
Price: $39.00
T8 CPSC Dual-Certified Brainsaver Helmet
187 Pro Helmet
Price: $39.95
187 Pro Helmet
Original Sweat Liner
MINI Lifer Helmet
Price: $49.99
MINI Lifer Helmet
Kids and Small Heads
Lifer Helmet
Price: From $54.99 to $69.99
Lifer Helmet
Mega Lifer Helmet
Price: $59.99
Mega Lifer Helmet
BIG Heads
Lifer Helmet w/ VISOR
Price: From $119.99 to $139.99
Lifer Helmet w/ VISOR
CPSC w/ Visor
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