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*Wheels in picture are not the wheels included in the package, this package comes with Bruiser Wheels (Hybrid Purple) or your choice of upgrades*

Crazy DBX 5 waterproof leather skate package. Built Aussie tough - the all new Crazy DBX range of skate offers you a fantastic skate at a great price! 
The combination of boot and plate gives the skater an unparalleled level of flexibility to custom the fit and performance of the skate.  With heat shaping ABS to approx. 70% of the boot, you can really custom your boot to YOUR feet.
The new Venus plate offers not just an exceptional look but offers exceptional performance. 

Package comes with:
- DBX 5 boot with heat-shapeable ABS counters featuring:
    - HLT Heel Lock Technology - Latex & Memory foam counter for a perfect fit for every foot
    - 3D Tongue - a soft padded tongue that forms to the natural anatomy of your foot
    - Full Leather skate boot
    - IFS Integrated Footbed System - providing full support for your feet
- Venus Plates - Full CNC extruded aircraft aluminum with 8mm trucks
- Crazy ILQ-9 Twin-Cam Pro 8mm bearings
- Crazy Bruiser wheels
-Crazy Arrow stops
Available in European sizes 36-47
Crazy Size Chart

These qualify for our CRAZY SHIPPING SPECIAL!  If you are ordering only Crazy Products and shipping to an Australian address, your order will ship for $20!  We'll adjust the shipping when your order comes in.  * Special not valid for orders that include non-Crazy products, unfortunately.

*Heat Molding*
Heat molding Crazy Skates is super easy - you just need a ceramic blow dryer (the old style kind that blows super hot air; you can get them in 2nd hand stores or new for under $20, usually).  Here's how we do it:
  1. Skate in them.  Mark trouble spots with a piece of chalk.
  2. Set up the dryer pointing at the trouble spot.  It takes a few minutes (about 5 or so in our 70F warehouse) of the blow dryer trained right at the spot about 4" from the skate to get the interior counter warm and pliable.
  3. There is just no way to not make this sound creepy, but basically, using a rubbing motion (like making a clay pot, if you've ever done that), stroke the spot into a shape that won't be annoying to your feet.
  4. Let the skates cool until the interior counter is no longer pliable.  It should be AT LEAST an hour or more before you skate in them.  You might want to stick them in the fridge if you live somewhere hot (seriously).  If you skate in them while the counter is still pliable, it will get pushed way out of shape.  You can reshape it, if you need to, but easier to just do it well before you need to skate in them again.
  5. Skate in the reshaped skates.  If they're not right, get your blow dryer back out.  It took Ivanna two tries (and one blown electrical fuse in the shop) to get hers perfect.
Manufacturer: Crazy Skates
Manufacturer Part No: DBX5V

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Amazing ankle support!
Kristi Bull (San Diego, CA) 11/15/2012 10:40 AM
I LOVE my DBX5's. After initially heat molding them at RollerCon with an oven, they felt amazing. Once I started skating on the banked track, I needed to re-heat mold the ankle collar on the inside of my left skate but it worked perfectly using a hair dryer. The ankle support is amazing, and after wearing braces for almost 3 years I don't need them with these skates. The trucks are super responsive. The slightest foot movement translates directly. At first I just thought the trucks were really loose but they aren't, the bushings just tend to be a bit soft for my liking. I had a bit of difficulty getting my agility back up to par but I think it was from the great ankle support and lack of give in the boot itself. I was used to my ankles moving all around in my previous 265's. Plow stops, for some reason, were nearly impossible for me when I first started skating in the DBX's. Another girl in my league thought the same thing (Kung Pow Tina). After a couple weeks of adjusting how I skate, position my fett and weight, etc, I had it figured out. The first time using these skates was in a skate park and they worked beautifully. I love how sturdy the material is. I have the big bloc toe stops on these skates and I love them. I had heard that they wear out quickly with outdoor use but I have had no problem with them wearing out skating indoors on the banked track (masonite). I plan on trying some harder bushings in the near future.
Perfect Fit.
Ivanna S. Pankin (San Diego, CA) 5/31/2012 5:14 PM
The heat molding on these skates is super easy, and results in a PERFECT FIT. I love these skates. My toe wore out pretty quick because I didn't wear toeguards and we practice on cement, but other than that, they're also super durable. Really, really comfy.
Crazy good skates
Da New Guy (spring valley, CA) 5/30/2012 11:02 AM
21 May: After a few months of discussion with Bacon, Cuban and Trish at Sin City Skates I finally made the plunge into a new pair of skates. My old Sure Grip Rebels had served me well and got me hooked on the 'derby'; however they and my feet said I had pushed them to the point of breaking and needed to upgrade. After trying on everything that Sin City Skates had in stock, I settled on a new home for my feet and I began the wait for the one pair that they did not have in my size. The "Cazys". I got a pair of DBX5 boots with the Venus plates. For wheels I got the roller bones snakes and mini logo bearings. The only change I made to the stock plate set up was the change to the stiff (purple) bushings. My laces are crazy brand laces with the re-enforced stitching. The initial try on left me happy. Only one real hot spot and that was on the left Achilles tendon. This was easily remedied by the heat molding process. No special tools requires just a ceramic hair dryer; even made the hair on my legs look better. I had watched the videos on u-tube the night before and that along with Trish and Cubans help had my skates fitting like a glove within 30 minutes. Yes it is that fast but pretty standard with these gals. The boot, over all, fit very snug with a noticeable improvement over my old rebels in keeping my heel in place. This Is huge for me as I had been having foot pain from my rebels. The option to heat mold both sides and heel of the skates is pretty awesome and was a great finishing touch. As of now I have not done anything else to the sides. I took my skates to practice the same day as I bought them and was hoping for the best; that is exactly what I got. I had my old skates in my bag standing by for when my feet could not take it anymore. Well that moment never came. I had some initial pain in my arch and remembered from my hockey skates that I can remove that pain by loosening my skates laces over the arch. So i adjusted the lacing to tight over the toes and at the ankle and looser over the arch; ahhhhhh what a relief. I like the way the Venus plate responds to my movements. It takes less action from me to get the result I want. I felt like I had my plates pretty well dialed in and, after two practices, I was really enjoying them. Now everything seems perfecto. Other things to note about the plate is the way that the bushings completely cover the king pin. This eliminates the weak spot in the center of the trucks. It also helps convey the movement from boot to truck more effectively. I am really amped about the way the Venus plate works and looks. The Venus plate also has a 20 degree pin alignment. This helps me getting up to speed. I was having issues edging around corners effectively at first but that was due to my trucks not being tightened correctly. The roller bones snakes are a 63/94a wheel. This is the hardest wheel I have used and I am not disappointed in the traction level I have obtained on our wood floor. I do not feel out of control at all and I am not in any way inclined to switch back to my fugitive pushers. There is nothing wrong with that set; I am just enjoying the snakes right now. I will update this as I get more hours and laps on these awesome skates. The DBX5 with Venus plates are awesome and the only negative comments from people have been about the looks not the performance. seems that some people think the all black boot looks a bit like a work boot. I think that fits cause I really work out there on the floor, and I have no complaints about the functionality and comfort of the boot. Soooo, look away people but you will probably only notice the sides and the back as I fly by you. The last piece of this is the bearings. Mini logos from bones. These are inexpensive bearings coming in at $20 for the set. That said, I am liking these over my kwik nitride bearings which have been awesome bearings as well. These mini logos keep up with all other high end bearings I have used, and I would recommend them to any skater on a budget who is looking for a better bearing. The only thing I would change is color for the boot and maybe a cut out on the Achilles area. Over all, I am very pleased with the 'Crazy' DBX5. I tell anyone that asks that I love how they feel and how they perform.

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