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DBX4 Skate Venus

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Crazy DBX4 Microfiber 100% vegan skate package. Built Aussie tough.
The DBX4 boot features a low sport cut,  heat-shapeable ABS counters in 70% of the boot, so you can really custom your boot to YOUR feet.
The new Venus aircraft aluminum lightweight plate comes standard with three (3) cushion hardness sets (Soft, Mid & Firm) in the box.  This plate provides you with performance enhancing technology that was formerly only available on expensive European plates. 
We recommend toe guards if you skate outdoors.

All DBX4 boots offer your choice of stitching in red, white, or blue.
Package comes with:
- DBX 4 boot with heat-shapeable ABS counters featuring:
    - HLT Heel Lock Technology - Latex & Memory foam counter for a perfect fit for every foot
    - 3D Tongue - a soft padded tongue that forms to the natural anatomy of your foot
    - Microfiber full Vegan boot
    - IFS Integrated Footbed System - providing full support for your feet
- Venus Plates - Full CNC extruded aircraft aluminum with 8mm trucks
- Crazy ILQ-9 Twin-Cam Pro 8mm bearings
- Your choice of Crazy wheels
-Crazy BOUNCE stops

Available in European sizes 36-47
Crazy Size Chart

*Heat Molding*
Heat molding Crazy Skates is super easy - you just need a ceramic blow dryer (the old style kind that blows super hot air; you can get them in 2nd hand stores or new for under $20, usually).  Here's how we do it:
  1. Skate in them.  Mark trouble spots with a piece of chalk.
  2. Set up the dryer pointing at the trouble spot.  It takes a few minutes (about 5 or so in our 70F warehouse) of the blow dryer trained right at the spot about 4" from the skate to get the interior counter warm and pliable.
  3. There is just no way to not make this sound creepy, but basically, using a rubbing motion (like making a clay pot, if you've ever done that), stroke the spot into a shape that won't be annoying to your feet.
  4. Let the skates cool until the interior counter is no longer pliable.  It should be AT LEAST an hour or more before you skate in them.  You might want to stick them in the fridge if you live somewhere hot (seriously).  If you skate in them while the counter is still pliable, it will get pushed way out of shape.  You can reshape it, if you need to, but easier to just do it well before you need to skate in them again.
  5. Skate in the reshaped skates.  If they're not right, get your blow dryer back out.  It took Ivanna two tries (and one blown electrical fuse in the shop) to get hers perfect.
Manufacturer: Crazy Skates
Manufacturer Part No: DBX4V

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