That's Trish the Dish on the left and Ivanna S. Pankin on the right of our very first customer in our very first storefront location for the shop, back in 2006.

Ivanna actually started the shop doing mail-order in our living room in Las Vegas in November of 2005 when she got tired of buying crappy gear at inflated prices from stores that knew nothing about roller derby or equipment for our sport.  Ivanna's co-captain, best friend and biggest rival, Trish the Dish, joined the crew shortly after to help her with the first "Christmas Rush" and the shop has just grown from there!

There were no derby shops at all back then, and not very many teams, either, but we decided our team - and our opponents & friends - deserved better than equipment choices developed for other sports and shyster online shops pushing their tired backstock of recreational skates on new derby players that had few resources to look for better.

Sin City first bricks n mortar storefront first customer
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So we started researching gear and helping manufactures create gear that makes sense for derby.  The sport of derby grew quickly and the shop grew with it, so we hired more teammates as the shop just got busier and busier. 

Sin City Skates has moved a few times now - temporarily to Tucson, Arizona, and finally landed in San Diego, first in the San Diego Derby Dolls practice space, the Doll House. And now we've grown into a 2,000 square foot storefront shop nearby in Point Loma, with row after row of skates, wheels and more in stock all the time.  We were the first derby shop and we're still the best, with the most stock on hand and the most awesome, knowledgeable, patient and experienced employees ready to help you get exactly what you need to play your very best game.  We have several employees now and we're proud that every last one of us plays derby, most of us for a long time.  

Our current staff includes:       
  • Ivanna S. Pankin, SoCal Derby (former SD Derby Dolls, AZRD, Sin City Roller Girls) Team Awesome, Vagine Regime (2003)    
  • Trish the Dish, SoCal Derby (former SD Derby Doll, Sin City RGs, AZRD) Team Awesome, Vagine Regime (2004)
  • Legg's N. Bacon, SoCal Derby (former Hidden City) (2009)
  • Olive RockNRoll, SD Derby Dolls (since 2013), QuarterLife SD (founder, 2015)
  • Dahmernatrix, Team Awesome (former SD Derby Doll, Duke City) (2004) - part time when she's not traveling

Sin City is actually and completely 100% ROLLER DERBY OWNED AND OPERATED.   We don't just say it, we do it.  
Every single person who works here is an active roller derby player or referee.  ALL OF US.
We are not just skaters, which could apply to rink owners, rec skaters, hockey players and many other people that may or may not know much about gear for derby.   If other shops aren't willing to tell who they are, just that they are skaters, maybe you should be hesitant to purchase from them.

And we treat everyone like our own teammates, because we hope to see you on the track someday.

<-- This picture is old.
Freezer moved to Oregon to work on a farm and play derby.  Isabelle manages the San Diego Derby Dolls professionally now.  And E. Vader still works in SD (and comes in occassionally) but in her field (accounting).  We miss them all!  And we're taking a new photo TOMORROW!
And, because we love you, please enjoy the Best Banked Track Jam Ever:
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