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Polysorb Total Support Insoles

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Spenco PolySorb Total Support Insoles: 39-313 * Recommended by Dish, who wears them in all her shoes, also, to keep her feet happy with a common footbed.

These insoles offer what no other insole has on the market.  
* Advanced arch support that is heat moldable for high, medium or low arches
* Deep heel cup that supports your ankle and keeps your heel from sliding around inside your boot.
* The 3-Pod cushioning system absorbs shock and helps prevent pronation
* Heat moldable layer provides maximum customizable support and reduces friction that can cause blisters, with a reverse Morton's extension for greater propulsion and forefoot crash pad to provide extra cushioning under the ball of the foot. Premium. Spenco Sizing:
Size 0 = W 3/4, UK 2/3, Euro 32/34
Size 1 = W 5/6, UK 4/5, Euro 36/38
Size 2 = W 7/8, M 6/7, UK 5/6, Euro 38/40
Size 3 = W 9/10, M 8/9, UK 7/8, Euro 40/42
Size 4 = W 11/12, M 10/11, UK 9/10, Euro 42/44
Size 5 = M 12/13, UK 11/12, Euro 44/46
Size 6 = anything bigger than those sizes 0-5

Manufacturer: Spenco
Manufacturer Part No: 39-313

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