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187 Pro Knee Pads

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187 Pro knees were manufactured for vert skateboarding & specifically pools and are endorsed by Tony Hawk even though 187 doesn't pay him to do it.
They feature orthopedic super thick padding. Pro-core impact absorption, dual density interior memory foam, seamless hinge for maximum flexibility and comfort, neoprene butterfly closure, ultra high-strength ballistic nylon, durable double-stitching and super thick caps, totally replaceable.
The cap "pour point" is also on the side (instead of on the top, where there is already a lot of stress) for these, so they are much harder to crack, and easier to replace if they do. But we haven't replaced any yet. And the seams on these are turned in, so they don't leave irritating marks on your legs.

Our favorite thing about these pads is that the bottom strap attaches above your calf, so the larger part of your muscle prevents them from slipping down.   Highly recommended.

We stock these in all Black, but they are also available with white caps and white logo writing along the bottom of the pad and white caps, just let us know, and we will get them in for you.  If you just need white caps, we can switch them out for you on the all Black pad, just ask.

Sizes JR - XL.  

Manufacturer: 187 Killer Pads
Manufacturer Part No: PK201

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Great for Beginners!
Michelle Becker (Hollywood, FL) 9/17/2014 4:00 PM
These were recommended for me by a couple of pros, and I'm glad I listened! The first time I wore them it was a tad awkward because they are BIG, but they protect very well. I feel a number of times last night and my knees feel fine. Depending on how hard you fall, they might shift slightly, so make sure you fasten them well.
Cc (Aus) 11/18/2011 5:28 PM
I would highly recommend anyone who has knee troubles, or would fancy not getting them, to get a set of 187 knee pads. They are super comfy and really are like falling on kittens. Fantastic for protecting your knees and worth the money!!

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